Founded by Dr. Benjamin Coorey, the Archistar Property Platform helps property professionals complete time-consuming property research, feasibility assessment and building design work within minutes using groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence.


As planning controls are tightened by governments seeking to build better cities, creating building designs that comply becomes increasingly difficult, especially in dense city scenarios.


With Archistar’s planning and property data visualisations combined with our Design Generator AI, it becomes easier to align building designs with government compliance rules. Learn and understand how planning controls directly impacts your development projects and proposed building designs, and bring more speed, certainty and transparency to the Development Approval process.


Since its inception in Sydney in 2018, Archistar has transformed the Australian property industry, and is now the go-to all-in-one property development platform for top-tier property developers, town planners, government departments, home builders, architects, and real estate agents.