Harvest Digital

Harvest Digital Planning is an award-winning civic technology company that helps government connect with citizens and involve them in actively shaping their cities and communities.


Our mission is to empower government and its citizens to collectively deliver a better future for people and place through technology. Our work sits at the nexus of data and design, driven by a genuine belief that good technology, planning and civic participation can enhance decision-making, strengthen relationships between government and the public, and generate better outcomes for how people live, work and move within cities.


We offer a range of ‘out of the box’ and bespoke digital products (Place Story + Policy Scape) that help city planners and designers communicate change, tell stories about place, understand how people interact with the built environment, and gather citizen feedback. With expertise in urban planning, spatial technology, community engagement and software development, we draw from a unique blend of skills to deliver creative and effective digital solutions and strategies for planning, research and civic participation.


Our flagship software product The HiVE is the most sophisticated and versatile community engagement software on the market, and is used by major government organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Find out more at www.harvestdp.com