Objective creates information and process governance solutions that are effortless to use and enable organisations to confidently advance their own digital transformation.


Objective Trapeze enables councils’ planning departments to digitally transform plan reviews and assessments through the ability to measure, calculate, annotate and stamp without the need to print, or do anything on paper. Designed for local government, Objective Trapeze helps more than 200 councils in Australia and New Zealand streamline their development assessment process and deliver better community outcomes.


Objective Trapeze belongs to a broader suite of software products engineered specifically for local government by Objective Corporation and used by more than 1000 councils throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

From document and records management to e-Planning; stakeholder engagement to development application processing, Objective solutions help councils operate more effectively in the digital era and deliver sustainable services now and into the future, while keeping costs in check and risk at bay.


For more information, visit www.objective.com.