V2i Group

The V2i Group is a multi-award-winning software developer with decades of planning experience providing innovative immersive 3D gaming technology-based design, business, and stakeholder engagement solutions to a high-profile portfolio of national and international property and infrastructure clients.

The company’s core software platform – V2i Realtime – is a license fee, data agnostic and open architecture solution, enabling all stakeholders to intuitively understand the benefits of good planning and design outcomes from day one in the process. V2i Realtime is focused on winning over the hearts and minds of stakeholders through more equitable, enjoyable, effective and efficient virtual collaboration and participation throughout the planning and design process. This is achieved via an easy-to-use visual representation of future outcomes in the context of a ‘digital twin’ of a project and its surroundings, including fully immersive Virtual Reality environments. V2i Realtime features a range of innovative engagement tools to transform the way all stakeholders in the industry communicate and achieve planning outcomes. The visual nature of this easy-to-use application facilitates the collaboration of technical and non-technical stakeholders, enabling a more informed and faster decision-making, consultation, and uniquely equitable engagement process from day in the project lifecycle.


In an industry where comprehensive 3D data is generally reduced to complex 2D representations requiring extensive documentation to convey outcomes, V2i Realtime assists to retain the 3D nature of real world outcomes throughout the process, complementing plans and written words with easy-to-use virtual representations and fully interactive simulations, enabling a greater understanding and appreciation of good planning and design outcomes to reduce the potential for misinterpretation, errors, omissions and project delays. A reduction of reporting, drawings, meetings, and travel required leads also to a more sustainable project footprint.

These solutions have been implemented across Australia and Europe and significantly improved community engagement and design team collaboration across major infrastructure projects (e.g., Brisbane’s Cross River Rail, or the ‘Coomera Connector’ M1 duplication between the Gold Coast and Brisbane), residential development assessments, court hearings, community consultation, marketing communications, as well as the entire planning and design process across the project lifecycle.