PIA has active, established or budding Women in Planning Networks (WiPN) in ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. These groups provide networking, mentoring, advocacy and recognition for female-identifying planners and for anyone, regardless of gender, with an interest in gender equity.

The Womens Planning Network Victoria was the first established in 1994 to promote the role and interests of women in the planning and development industry. In 2014 WPN Victoria changed from being an incorporated association to being a network within PIA. Over the past 26 years, WPN Victoria has delivered research, programs, events and support to benefit women involved in planning and allied professions.


The Queensland Women in Planning Network was established in 2015 with aspirations to inspire and support women in planning and advocate for and contribute to equitable, safe and fair cities and regions for women. The committee is made up of 12 women from early career to established career experience, representing all sectors of the planning industry.


The NSW Women in Planning Network was established at the beginning of 2020 with the aim to connect, inspire and support women planners, and to advocate for and contribute to equitable and inclusive cities and regions. The NSW WPN leadership group has a diverse representation from women living in cities and regional areas, from government, academia and private sector, early career to experienced planners, as well as having culturally diverse and LGBTIQ representation.


The Western Australian Women in Planning Network was established in 2020 to connect, inspire and support women in the planning, allied fields and built environment sectors, and to advocate for and contribute to equitable and inclusive cities and regional communities. The network is open to all individuals in the planning and built environment sector and provides a supportive environment for planners and the broader built environment professionals to share knowledge, experience and ideas.


The ACT Women in Planning Network recently launched in March 2021 to inspire, support, and advance women throughout their careers, raises the profile of women as leaders in their profession and includes their perspectives  and attributes to planning development of policies and programs.

Representatives from PIA’s Women in Planning Networks have established a national working group to develop a Gender Equity Policy for consideration and adoption by PIA at the National Board level, with implementation supported by the wider PIA membership.

Gender Equity Reference Panel

We have also established the Gender Equity Reference Panel from the wider, national PIA membership to be our brains trust and sounding board for the development of this new policy.


The Reference Panel members come from across Australia and will help identify gaps and opportunities provide expert and useful information, help to articulate ideas to ensure the policy can be effectively implemented and will provide feedback and input at critical stages of the policy development to ensure that it is clear, relevant to all female-identifying planners, no matter their age, location, experience, and background.