TUES 25 MAY 2021


Balancing the tension between vision and viability in regeneration projects
 An urban designer’s critical role


The urban planning and design emphasis in many places, such as Perth, has shifted and evolved from a sprawling suburban environment to infill densification over recent years.  This approach to accommodating urban growth and integrating successfully into existing neighbourhoods brings both exciting potential and new challenges.  Such projects push us to continuously create authentic, ‘sticky places’ that succeed commercially, socially and environmentally for communities now and in the future.
Balancing the tension between vision and viability in regeneration projects: An urban designer’s critical role explores why and how Hames Sharley strives for balance between the creative process and the practical delivery over the longer term.


Hames Sharley Urban Designer and Master Planner Shannon O’Shea and National Portfolio Leader for Urban Development, Chris Maher, will share how they achieve design excellence by working with key stakeholders and strive to respond to the infill development potential of a place with the delicate balance that urban regeneration projects need.


For Hames Sharley, reflective practice is critical for unpacking decisions and processes, enabling us to develop new insights towards future problems.  We believe in the critical value of collaborative partnerships, evidence-based research, detailed testing, and a co-design process. These approaches and their successful application to complex urban regeneration projects will be explored through two landmark examples (one in Perth and the other Canberra based).


As the built environment continues its journey, so too does the Hames Sharley team adapt. In this, we further adapt and establish our position as facilitators and leaders in navigating a design outcome, cognisant of governance, sustainability, and economic considerations.


Join Shannon and Chris to gain insight into their creative and pragmatic approach to balancing the planning and design process and how this results in successful, built form delivery and place outcomes.

Shannon O’Shea MPIA

Hames Sharley

Shannon has played a central role leading multi-disciplinary teams dealing with complex urban environments. As a highly experienced Urban Designer and Master Planner, she brings a depth of experience working in both the public and private sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

From her architectural background and ability to synthesize multiple inputs, she thrives on working through challenges and is passionate about engaging with communities to deliver meaningful and resilient outcomes.

Shannon is a highly effective communicator successfully bridging the gap between planning, architecture and stakeholder engagement for a wide range of projects.

Chris Maher

Hames Sharley

The last 30 years has seen Chris Maher working in architecture and urban design throughout the UK, Hong Kong, and across Australia. Now, he resides in Perth, Western Australia, where he is a Director and the National Portfolio Leader for Urban Development at Hames Sharley.

Chris is continuing his mission to combine place-based knowledge, creativity, economic rigour and social understanding in the delivery of environmentally responsive design. Chris believes valuing good design and innovation is more important than ever and is essential to ensure sustainable outcomes in the future of our built world.

Strategic thinking and careful, considered leadership have enabled Chris to build teams ready to imagine and deliver well researched contextual designs. These designs include waterfronts, educational and health precincts, heritage precincts and mixed-use developments in the UK, Hong Kong, and throughout many major cities in Australia.