thurs 27 may 2021


Planning a Creative Profession


As part of increasing urbanization existing cities are expanding and new cities are being planned and developed. This can create new urban problems or exacerbate existing ones which will require new and integrated solutions from local communities, urban planners and urban development professionals. The role of urban and regional planning in managing growth and urban life is becoming increasing important and will have a significant impact on our ability to sustainably manage urbanization and population increase. How we live in our cities will impact on the health and quality of life of billions of people.


As we need to deal with emerging urban issues, the ability to develop creative solutions will be critical. Urban planners and urban planning are being, and will be, challenged to investigate new ideas and consider new ways of doing things, but how receptive are urban planners to new and innovative solutions? Is urban planning a discipline that can and will accept creative solutions to emerging problems. How creative are urban planners and urban planning? Can urban planners play a leadership role in achieving solutions to the significant issues of the 21st century?


These questions have been considered as part of recent research into the role of urban planning in developing creative and innovative cities and urban creativity. The results of this research will be presented to the attendees of the Planning Festival 2021.

Darren Starr RPIA (Fellow)

Leading Edge Town Planners

Darren Starr is a practising Urban & Regional Planner with 22 years’ experience as a Planning Manager, Team Leader, Project Manager and Senior Town Planner in government and the private sector. As a former PIA State President in South Australia he is well known to many PIA members. He is also a PhD Candidate at the University of South Australia with his research focused on the role of urban planners and planning in encouraging urban creativity. Darren will be presenting some of his PhD research on the creativity of planning as a profession based on research interviews and practitioner feedback.