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Building capacity, delivering training, and creating jobs to benefit the whole community


Renewal SA is committed to delivering social inclusion and community participation programs and initiatives within the projects we deliver. We seek to make the most of our unique position as the state government’s agency for leading urban renewal activity and to capitalise on our relationships with project partners, registered training providers, community organisations, local government and other government departments to enable learning and employment opportunities for people in the community.


The Renewal SA Works Program delivers economic outcomes through unpaid work experience opportunities and employment outcomes in Renewal SA managed contracts. Partnership initiatives delivered as pre-employment programs and live training sites have delivered further outcomes by working with registered training organisations, local employers, not-for profit and community members.


Hear from Samantha Wilson, Renewal SA’s Works Program Manager about the impact the program has, and how you can take to deliver training and employment outcomes through your projects.


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Samantha Wilson

Renewal SA

Samantha oversees Renewal SA’s training and employment initiative, the Works Program, which has successfully built capacity and maximised community and social inclusion benefits from our urban renewal activities since 2008.

Samantha joined Renewal SA in 2014 after working as Community Partnerships Manager for Interwork Ltd and has a depth of experience in training and employment across the private, enterprise, not for profit (or NGO) and community sector. She is passionate about people and thinking outside the square to explore ideas from every angle to provide opportunities that benefit others. She draws on these skills to bring together Renewal SA’s development and business partners, training providers and stakeholders to provide work experience, training and ultimately create jobs in the communities we work in.

Samantha’s insight across Renewal SA projects allows her to identify and explore opportunities for partnerships and initiatives that enable local people within our project communities to benefit from pathways to employment. Her ability to create sustainable and valuable connections with individuals, businesses and the community has allowed the Works Program to work collaboratively with their stakeholders and partners to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

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