fri 28 MAY 2021


Emotional Fitness


Emotions completely colour and flavour all our experiences. In moments or times of acute uncertainty these emotions are amplified. It is important that we understand how this happens and how we can improve our relationship with uncertainty by appropriately changing our emotions.
Emotions don’t respond to facts, they respond to our interpretation of the facts. In this 45 minute session you will learn how we generate our emotions, and most importantly how we can change them. You will discover practical everyday insight and strategy which can turn an average day to a great one, or a very stressful day to one that you can handle.

Joe Pane

The Emotional Fitness Formula

Joe Pane is an expert in human behaviour, degree qualified in psychology and sociology. He has been working in the field since 2006. Working with a range of private clients through to larger corporate organisations, his specialty is in emotional fitness, helping teams and leaders better respond to uncertainty and the inevitable challenges of life and business.
His clients have ranged from multi-national corporate groups through to more intimate personal groups. His range of clients have included Flight Centre, ANZ, Department of Defence, Ray White, The Coaching Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art, Coles Group, NBN, and various primary school principal and deputy principal networks.
Joe is the creator of the Emotional Fitness Formula, an online training program for organisations and individuals alike.
Joe is also the coaches’ coach. In the last 14 years, he has trained in excess of 6000 behavioural mindset coaches on behalf of The Coaching Institute, Australasia’s largest coaching school. Many of these coaches now work in the field today nationally and internationally.
Joe married his wife Silvana in 1996 and their twin boys Oliver and Nicolas were born in 2008.
He is a 7 time marathoner.