fri 28 MAY 2021


Keynote Address – Be the Change


Housing for all is at the core of YIMBY (yes in my back yard), an international movement spearheaded by Natalie in Australia since 2016. Natalie will share her YIMBY journey, which has taken her to places she never expected, from filming kids TV to being interviewed live on radio, campaigning for good development outcomes and against NIMBY policy led by fear of change. Natalie’s YIMBY journey connected her with Beddown, a charity set up to provide pop up accommodation and support to people sleeping rough on our streets, in underutilised city buildings. The experience of navigating our planning system first-hand through the Beddown lens made her deeply uncomfortable with the status quo. If town planning was a stumbling block to providing safe accommodation to those who need it most, she says that should make us all feel a little uncomfortable. Recent YIMBY Qld campaigns have focused on ending exclusionary housing in Brisbane, supporting alternative forms of missing middle housing, exempting larger scale crisis housing pop ups, facilitating more urban shade and reducing car parking minimums, to name a few.


Natalie’s call to action is to all planners to do better together, with a goal to repair community faith in good planning outcomes, and ultimately to bring back balance to the community conversation about housing and development, which all too often focuses on the negative, hanging planners and developers alike out to dry. She believes our greatest challenge is to be better story tellers so that planners can better inform, influence and inspire the community conversation about good development outcomes. This is important so our communities demand better planning outcomes, not only from developers but from our politicians and from our profession. Otherwise we will continue to see planning policy led by fear of change. Housing for all. Housing is a Human Right! Whatever your planning inspiration, shout it from the roof tops! Bang the table. Inspire and be inspired!

Natalie Rayment RPIA (Fellow)

Wolter Consulting Group​

Natalie is a registered planner, Executive Director of Wolter Consulting, planning expert to the Court, co-founder of YIMBY Qld, Deputy Chair of the Board of Beddown and Member of the Management Committee of QShelter. In recognition for her commitment to planning work, Natalie was awarded PIA Qld’s Outstanding Women in Planning 2020 by her peers. Natalie’s passion for planning and how it impacts the quality of life in our cities and regions led her to co-found YIMBY Qld in 2016, a not-for-profit public interest organisation, saying ‘yes in my back yard’ to good development that makes for better living. Her ambition is to balance the conversation around development and urban policy, so often dominated by the ‘no’ voice, instead focussing on ‘getting to yes’. As part of the international YIMBY network, Natalie collaborates with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, working together towards a common goal of ‘housing for all’.  Natalie’s planning experience in both the private and public sector in Queensland has culminated in her role as Executive Director of Wolter Consulting Group, a privately owned planning, design and survey practice based in Brisbane. In 2019, Natalie became Deputy Chair of the Board of Beddown, a charitable organisation providing pop-up accommodation for those who are most vulnerable.