The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) is only organisation in Australia dedicated exclusively to housing, homelessness, cities and related urban research.


AHURI is currently developing a National Cities Research Program, to sit alongside our established National Housing Research Program, which has delivered internationally-recongised peer-reviewed evidence for housing policy makers for over 20 years. A similarly funded National Cities Research Program will apply the same evidence-informed lens to the critical questions facing Australia about cities and urban policy.


In addition, last year AHURI launched the Cities and Urban research hub on the AHURI website. This covers 12 urban themes—nine that are prominent already in Australian cities policy, and a further three emerging themes that are relevant to a future cities policy agenda.


AHURI invites PIA members to engage with our research (both existing and emerging) and to share your thoughts on research topics that would support the work you do in planning our urban environments.


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