From the very beginning, Adelaide has been a city designed for the wellbeing of its people front of mind. Reflecting Colonel William Light’s genius of place and plan, the city has a distinct grid like pattern of wide streets and terraces and is hugged by 760 hectares of Park Lands. A ‘city in a park,’ enabling people to live well and in balance with nature and the built form.


Adelaide is consistently recognised as one of the most liveable cities in the world. A place of opportunity, with accessibility to nature and connection with community. It is a progressive city, home to state-defining and world-changing ideas and projects, where growth comes with a sustainable mindset and ideas are encouraged and nurtured.


Adelaide’s pioneering spirit ensures the city stays ahead of the development curve, being thoughtfully innovative in shaping policies and prioritising our community’s wellbeing and the city’s sustainability as we evolve Adelaide’s renowned character and heritage by design.