Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications

We are responsible for the design and implementation of the Australian Government’s infrastructure, transport and regional development policies and programs. This work includes supporting economic growth through improved transport infrastructure, making travel safer and more accessible, and keeping transport secure. We also support regional development and local communities, as well as provide good governance in the territories.


Improved transport infrastructure is a priority for the Australian Government, which is investing a record $100 billion investment over ten years towards this outcome. Progress is also being made on implementing City Deals and Regional Deals. These are genuine partnerships between the three levels of government and the community to work towards a shared vision for productive and liveable cities and regions.

We are also committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity within our organisation. Notably, we value the contribution and rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples and we are committed to supporting these peoples through our work and our actions.



Spotlight on City Deals as a mechanism to support better population planning in Australia’s cities

Australia is a highly urbanised country, with over three quarters of the population living in our 21 largest cities.  Cities bring people together and provide access to services, and economic and cultural opportunities, and will be integral to Australia’s COVID recovery.


While state, territory and local governments are more directly responsible for issues including land-use planning and transport in our cities, collaboration between all three levels of government is necessary to achieve lasting positive outcomes. One initiative the Government uses to support this collaboration is City Deals.


City Deals are a different approach to urban policy. They are a genuine partnership between the three levels of government and the community to work towards a shared vision for productive and liveable cities. They work to align the planning, investment and governance necessary to accelerate growth and job creation, stimulate urban renewal and drive economic reforms.


Eight City Deals have been agreed to date, in Perth, Townsville, Launceston, Western Sydney, Darwin, Hobart, Geelong and Adelaide, with more Deals under negotiation in South East Queensland and Melbourne.


The uniqueness and diversity of cities across Australia means that we will get the best outcomes by tailoring our approach to designing and delivering City Deals, while still ensuring that Australia’s cities grow in a sustainable way. In each Deal, this can mean better population planning; supporting availability of high quality housing choices in close proximity to work, study and essential services; reforms to local planning and governance; reducing congestion and improving transport options; and better waste management.


But this is not all City Deals can do. Many Deals include projects to improve digital connectivity, promote the arts and culture, revitalise city centres, create green spaces and public amenities such as sports grounds and entertainment districts, and make our cities safer, more resilient and sustainable.

For more information about City Deals, including for individual Deals, please visit the City Deals website at