We are the State Government’s specialist authority for land use and infrastructure planning in growing urban areas across Victoria. As experts, we use our skills and knowledge to write and draw plans that determine where and how urban growth will occur.


Victoria is experiencing unprecedented growth. Our new citizens need quality places to live and work and it must be done in a planned and coordinated way.


Planning for these new homes and the businesses that will employ the growing population is why the VPA exists.

Across Victoria, we are planning for sustainable new communities that are:


– Doing density better: making sure we have a mix of quality designed housing options.

– Supporting suburban jobs growth: enabling more jobs closer to where people live.

– Better coordinating infrastructure and development: working to ensure that communities get the services they need when they need them.

– Unlocking the potential of our regions: to help make it possible for more people to live and work in our regional cities and towns.


Victorian Planning Authority – VPA